December 2, 2016

Harts Pass Update

As of December 1st this year, Harts Pass Road is closed. The Forest Service usually does not close the road until snow amounts do not allow truck access. Reports of over 20’ trailers (hitch to bumper) have been taken up the road. This shorter length is in place for safety reasons. There has also been reports of riders, riding into Wilderness Areas; Closed to Motorized use. Please follow these rules so you do not jeopardize the future access of snowmobiles in the area.
Methow Valley Snowmobile Association has talked to the Forest Service about the above issues. The Forest Service will reopen the gate to Harts Pass for the weekend and it will be closed first thing Monday morning. The gate will be reopened when Mountain Trails Grooming opens it for Winter Grooming. Law enforcement will be in the area this weekend to educate users about the rules. Thank you to the Forest Service for allowing the gate to be opened again.
MVSA President

November 29, 2016

2016-2017 Ride Schedule

RIDES 2016-2017

DAY       DATE                   SNOWPARK                      LUNCHSPOT

Sun        12-4                     OPEN                                 OPEN

Sat         12-10                   Goat Creek                       Hut

Sun        12-18                   8mile                                 Sweetgrass North

Sat         12-24                   Boulder Creek                  Parachute Meadow

Sun        1-1                       Poorman Creek               Black Pine Lake

Sat         1-7                       Hwy 20                              Bridge Creek  (Meet N.W. Glacier Cruisers)

Sun        1-15                     Goat Creek                       Whiteface

Sat         1-21                     8mile                                 Sweetgrass North

Sun        1-29                     Boulder Creek                  Parachute Meadow

Sat         2-4                       8mile                                 Camp Imes

Sun        2-12                     North Summit                  Beaver Meadow

Sun        2-19                     Goat Creek                       Bucket Run

Sat         2-25                     8mile                                 Sweetgrass North

Sun        3-5                       Boulder Creek                  Baldy Pass

Sat         3-11                     Boulder Creek                  Parachute Meadow

Sun        3-19                     Yellow Jacket                   Hut

Sat         3-25                     8mile                                 Sweetgrass North

Rides subject to change due to conditions or other events

April 12, 2016

Hart's Pass Update

This GIGANTIC boulder at Dead Horse Point is why grooming was not able to done up to Hart's Pass this year. The size of it was waaaay beyond our capability of easily removing it. It's not that we didn't try. Please note this picture was taken at the beginning of March when there was still snow on the ground. We know some riders were able to get up to Hart's but the groomer is not able to get around that blockage.