January 28, 2014

Yet More Photos from a Club Ride

Here are pictures from the club ride on January 11th. The rendezvous point for lunch was supposed to be at Whiteface but due to snow drifts was moved to the Warming Hut.

Another 12 Man Ride!
Don enjoying his hot dog
Ed, Gail, Bill and Steve
Oops! Stuff happens.
Rich, Gail, Rick and Bob
Ski-doo rules! Ha ha!
There is snow up there
Tiffany and Stephanie

Thanks again to Dolly, our Vice President, for sending in these photos!

January 27, 2014

Another Day, Another Ride - Pics from January 25th

Pictures from the ride to Sweetgrass this past weekend. Thanks again to Dolly for providing us with fun shots in the snow!

(click to start the slide show)

Bill and Eddie
Bill with a nice smile
Bob and Chuckwagon Chuck
Bob and Steve
Bob is stylin'
Chelsea on the trail
Craig and Chelsea
Dolly and Rich at Sweetgrass
Ed (he thinks this picture should be on the button next year!)
Foggy looking out towards Highway 20
Foggy Winthrop
Gail and Chris
Uh oh! Gail has the chicken!
Glad to be above the fog
Got warm clearing the tree
Hey, Jerry and Gail
Hugh trying to find the guys he lost. Again.
Julie says "Yay!"
Looking down at foggy Winthrop
Paul and Chelsea
Paul joined in today - hooray!
President Craig
Rich and Bob wishing they had Dolly's sled
Secretary Chelsea and President Craig
Snowmobiling makes you strong!
So happy to see Joe today
Sunbathing weather Chelsea
Sweetgrass Craig
Gathering at Sweetgrass
More of the gathering
Sweetgrass Tower
Ta da!
Thank you, Chuck, for all you do!
The dogs are always good - Udell and Chris
The views are wonderful but where's Dolly?

Pictures from the Club Ride on January 19th

Dolly, our Vice President, sent in pictures from the club ride to the Warming Hut on January 19th.

(Click on any one to start the slide show)

Bill, Udell, Dolly & Bob
Friends from Wilbur
Bob & Rich turn off to the Hut
Bob, Jennie & Rich on the way to the Hut via the Beaver Slide
Craig & Chelsea
Club friends from Wilbur
Craig, Chelsea & Jennie
Eddie is really relaxed!
Father and Daughter Love
Game day between the Seahawks & 49ers.  12th Man Rides, too!
Gary & Rich "Ski Doo or Polaris?"
Get yer dog!
Goat turn off
Bob & Bob at the hot dog roast
Jennie, Bill, Udell, Bob & Julie
Julie enjoying the sunshine
Paul, Rich, Stelan and Bill
President Craig
Rich and Jenn overlooking a foggy Goat Wall
Stelan from Mukilteo/Mazama and a friend
We usually melt a deeper hole!
We were excited to see Nick!
Family from Wilbur