April 1, 2013

Mark Your Calendar

Sledding may be done for the season, but things are still happening in the MVSA.

Upcoming Events

Annual MVSA Banquet - Saturday, April 6th, Happy Hour - 5 pm, Dinner - 6 p.m., Twisp Senior Center

'49ers Days - Saturday, May 11th, Winthrop, WA - Serving lunch after the parade

Methow Valley Rodeo - Memorial Day Weekend, May 25th & 26th, Winthrop, WA - Food Concessions

Club Ride - March 30th to Hart's Pass

On Saturday, March 30th, approximately twenty riders braved this...

Dead Horse Point
Don't Look Down!!!
...to get to this...

Let's Go! (Cache Creek Starting Point)
...so they could do this at Hart's Pass...

Can You Spot The Sled?

...and this...

Hey! It was a nice sunny day!
More from the Hart's Pass area:

Looking Towards Slate Peak Area
Hart's Pass Ranger Station

This wraps up the club sponsored rides for the 2012-2013 season.

A HUGE thanks to the Mountain Trails Grooming Association, Tim and the many volunteers for providing us with great riding trails this past winter!

See you next season!!

March Poll Results

The results are in for the March polls.

Question 1 was: Overall, do you generally buy your machines...

A) Brand Spanking New - 5 people (62% of respondents) vote for this;
B) Lightly Used - 2 people (25%) said yes to this answer;
C) Used and Abused - 1 brave person (12%) admitted to this;
D) I don't buy 'em, I borrow 'em - Nobody voted for this choice.

Question 2 was: If you run a 2-stroke engine, do you run...

A) Factory Oil - 2 people (25%) checked yes;
B) Aftermarket Oil - 6 people (75%) bought this type;
C) Whatever Is On Sale - 0 people;
D) Used motor oil from your 20-year-old pickup just to dispose of it - 0 people.

Thanks to all who voted. Our polls will resume in October.

If you have a nagging question you want to post to our members, email it to methowvalleysnowmobile at gmail dot com.

Club Ride - March 17th to Beaver Meadows

Here are some pictures from the March 17th ride out of North Summit Sno-Park to Beaver Meadows.

Photo Credits: George B.

Getting the Fire Started

Snow Slide on the Trail

Yes, We "Bite"

Once again, the Methow Valley Snowmobile Association was an enthusiastic participant in the Winthrop Kiwanis Club's "Bite of the Methow" that was held March 16th at the Winthrop Barn.  Almost 400 hundred tickets were sold for the Bite. Diners were offered a delicious choice of Don's Caesar Salad, Dalyn's Lobster Pesto Pasta Salad and Chris's Fresh Fruit Salad.

June & Don F., Dalyn S. & Chris H.
Thanks to the club members who volunteered for this event and to those who came out to feast on an awesome array of food in support of the Kiwanis club.

Here's a link to an article on the Methow Grist website.

The Latest in Snowmobiler Accessories

Cervical collars, arm casts...this is the latest in snowmobiler accessories. They might be a bit hard to find at your favorite sno-mo gear store though.

Dolly says, "We might be out for the season but man it was fun!  See you all next year! We will be ready!"

Dolly and Mark
 You'll need to ask Mark or Dolly for the details on how they acquired their stylish accessories.