November 29, 2016

2016-2017 Ride Schedule

RIDES 2016-2017

DAY       DATE                   SNOWPARK                      LUNCHSPOT

Sun        12-4                     OPEN                                 OPEN

Sat         12-10                   Goat Creek                       Hut

Sun        12-18                   8mile                                 Sweetgrass North

Sat         12-24                   Boulder Creek                  Parachute Meadow

Sun        1-1                       Poorman Creek               Black Pine Lake

Sat         1-7                       Hwy 20                              Bridge Creek  (Meet N.W. Glacier Cruisers)

Sun        1-15                     Goat Creek                       Whiteface

Sat         1-21                     8mile                                 Sweetgrass North

Sun        1-29                     Boulder Creek                  Parachute Meadow

Sat         2-4                       8mile                                 Camp Imes

Sun        2-12                     North Summit                  Beaver Meadow

Sun        2-19                     Goat Creek                       Bucket Run

Sat         2-25                     8mile                                 Sweetgrass North

Sun        3-5                       Boulder Creek                  Baldy Pass

Sat         3-11                     Boulder Creek                  Parachute Meadow

Sun        3-19                     Yellow Jacket                   Hut

Sat         3-25                     8mile                                 Sweetgrass North

Rides subject to change due to conditions or other events