February 28, 2016

Beaver Meadows Club Ride 2-20-16

We started the trip and saw a very angry moose right up the trail.

Our leaders for the day. Craig S Rich S

Hey Sam L

Part of the gang we were breaking the trail to get the Weinie Wagon into the Meadows.

Lit'l Jennie Stahl

What a Day!

Steve S. Ted L

Carla L. and Bob D

YEP we got snow!! Let's Play!

If we all pitch in the fire gets going pretty fast!

Bob A getting ready to hook up a log and take it to the fire. Craig S cutting and Rich S fixing Carla L ?

David B arriving.

Julie taking pics while Bob D watches.

Jennie S. in action!

Hook up the log..........

...........and take it to the fire!

Is Joe H telling Ted L Sam L and Craig S how he would do it?

There goes another log Jerry H. pulling.

Everyone helps in their own way.

Tah    Dah   we have a fire! David B Rich S Bob A

Had a freat turnout!

Julie J and Joe H waiting for the dogs to get done.

There is our Chuck Wagon Chuck!

Steve S Sam L enjoying the sunshine

Go David Go! Can't believe it is his first year riding!

Carla Will you please leave the cook alone so we can get our dogs!  Too Cute!

Let's mess up the meadow!

A group of us went to the ridges and boon  docked

Ted L and Jenn S

Hey there David B

Now which way Rich S and Bob A

Bob A Ted L and Jerry JH

Coming out to the clearing

Beautiful views up on the ridge.

Not sure if we should be going this way?

Hey the picture taker!

Circle of the minds!Man are we in trouble! Ted L Jerry H and Rich S

Steve a waits!

Great friends Jerry H  Dolly S and Rich S

Mighty Jenn made it! She usually does! Ted L too

Next meadow let's go!

Love riding with Jerry H. 

Steve S still waiting?

If you go up you have to come down!

Nice turn!

Jerry H

Yes the views are always great!

Can't get enough.

The undeserved Chicken

Trip to Camp Imes 1-2-16

On the way to Camp Imes! Ted L Bill F.
Clearing the way.

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Bill F. Steve C on the top

Jennie S and David B taking in the views.
Let's take a picture!David B Dolly S Jenn S Richard S

Bill F and Steve C. about to eat lunch with this horrible view!

The gangs all here!

Bob A enjoying the views!

Sam L is always happy when he is riding!

Father and son, Ted L and Sam L

A little playing around is always a must! Jenn S