A brief history of the Methow Valley Snowmobile Association from 1970 to 2005 as gleaned from 35 years of meeting minutes

1970 - 1971
John Lester, President

Sandy Haase, President

1973 - 1974
Gordon Serrurier, President
George Remsberg, Vice President

Jan 1 - Non-profit corporation filed
Jan 26 - Reactivating MVSA; 20 members; Dues $7.50/family, $5.00/single
Nov 22 - County commissioners passed a resolution to open specified county roads (Gold Creek Rd, E. Chewuch Road, short distance from Ted Moffitt's cabin to the Lost River bridge, also a portion of road on Upper Beaver Creek)

1976 - 1977
Oct 24 - We will have a trail groomer in the area this year. The groomer is funded through gas tax and registration fees

Jan 23 - 46 members, December Poker Run made $19.60 profit; Ordinance #146 passed regulating the use of snowmobiles in Winthrop
Feb 18-19-20 - WSSA Snowmobile Convention in Winthrop
Mar 28 - The West Chewuch and Cub Creek roads are open to snowmobiles, but they will be reviewed each year; The club will have a float in the '49ers Parade called "Room For All".
Nov 27 - The trail grooming is doing well; there is $11,960 in the program. All grooming will be on contract this year. Some of the trails grooming are 8-Mile, Boulder Creek and Black Pine.

Feb 17-18-19 - WSSA Snowmobile Convention in Winthrop
Oct 22 - Treasurer's Report is $126.53; motion made to have all meetings be potluck

Jan 21 - Groomer averages 5.1 miles per hour
Jan 27 - Combine Fun Day & Poker Run - Boulder Creek
Mar 9 - Cookout at 8-Mile Snopark. Bring your own food. (Not many attended)
Oct 27 - Motion to have Poker Run on Sunday of the WSSA Convention
Nov 24 - Vote was no more potlucks. Meetings will start at 7:30 p.m.; Lost River (Yellowjacket) Snopark is all ready for use this year. Lloyd Palm did the work clearing it.
Dec 22 - Motion to have potlucks again at 6:30 p.m.

WSSA Convention in Twisp
Feb 23 - Poker Run brought in $425.00 (Profit $85.00); Voted for club ride to Long Creek. Club will furnish hot dogs, buns, marshmallows and pop.
Mar 30 - Don Scott reported the club is 10 years old; Bill Imes said we need a snopark at Cub Creek and Goat Creek.

Jan 10 - Club ride to Tiffany Springs; weiner roast at noon
Oct 25 - Discussion of having a club ride each month, races, play days or poker run; to be organized by Recreation Committee
Nov 29 - Recreation Committee reported planned rides were Dec 19 - Cobweb Buster at 8-Mile, Jan 23 - Poker Run, Feb 20 - ride out of Goat Creek, and Mar 13 - ride out of Goat.

May 8 - Ride planned to Hart's Pass - bring your own food

Apr 1 - Ride planned to Hart's Pass. Lloyd Remsberg said road would be plowed.

Apr 14 - Club ride to Hart's Pass

Oct 27 - One permit would be issued by the Forest Service for all poker runs in the county.

WSSA Convention in Winthrop
Mar 30 - Dorothy Ewell was awarded the "Screamer's Award"; Greg Seymour was given the "Burned Belt" award
Oct 27 - Wayne Smith, District 2 Chairman, and Jim Russell, Association VP, were present

WSSA Convention in Winthrop

1989 - 1990
44 Members

1991 - 1992
38 Members

Feb 20 - Poker Run out of 8-Mile called "Robin Hood Run Through Sherwood Forest"
Oct 26 - Sold hot dogs and made $108.00 at Yamaha opening; New District Chairman - Kevin Amsten
Nov 30 - It was decided that Sundays will be cookout days

1992 - 1993
54 Members

1993 - 1994
88 Members

95 Members
Feb 20 - Roker Run out of 8-Mile
Oct 24 - Estelle motioned to help Gene Walker and folks with food and monies for Christmas Dinner. Voted for $250.00; Lloyd Remsberg reported on our new Tucker Snocat w/tiller and 100 gallon fuel capacity

Oct 25 - Joined OC3 - Ron will be our rep
Nov 29 - $1,000 was sent to Butte Busters Snowmobile Club for rescue sled

Increase family dues - $10.00/family; $7.00/single
Nov - Poker run out of Boulder Creek

Talked about Poker Run - Jerry/Bev - Station 1, Bill/Estelle - Station 3, Archie/Jim/Judy - Station 4 - out of 8-Mile
Mar 9 - Bill & Estelle wedding

Jan 27 - Poker Run out of Goat Creek
WSSA Convention in Winthrop
Discussion on Warming Hut
Oct 31 - Open House; MVRS/Yamaha-Membership Drive $291.00
94 Members

Poker Run Gross - $1,207.00
Association of Okanogan County Snowmobile Clubs will meet and elect 2 people from each club to attend
Applications for grant money for Warming Hut mailed
Apr 29 - quality of grooming has not met the standards as established in the specifications or snow grooming guidelines
Jun 1 - 8-Mile Snopark will be enlarged this fall
Oct 12 - Mountain Trails Grooming Association formed
Nov 30 - Black Pine Basin Hut is a go. New groomer is here.

Forest Service signed off location for Black Pine Basin hut
Feb 20 - Poker Run out of Goat Creek Snopark
Jul 27 - Authorization from Town of Winthrop to build lean-to off the building across from Larry Higbee's to store the rescue sled
Nov 18 - Lawsuit Black Pine Hut
Dec - Papers were filed by WSSA to intervene in the lawsuit. Snowmobile clubs in this area donated $3,050.00.

Increased membership dues - $15.00/family, $10.00/person
Mar 17 - USDA Snow Survey - they want us to do this 3 times a year in 5 different areas
Mar 27 - Cascade Mountain Toppers was disbanded

Feb 18 - WSSA Convention at Okanogan Agriplex
Dec 22 - First club ride to hut; 143 members

Mar 23 - Motion and passed to purchase a free-standing awning for our bucket runs - up to $300
Nov 03 - Hart's Pass is closed - no plowing or grooming for the 2003-2004 season
Nov 25 - Bough 100 tickets for the WSSA Legal Action Fund Raffle; Discussed Feb 2004 Bucket Run since we cannot sell on Forest Service Land. We will only sell commemorative buttons with a number for the raffle.

Jan 27 - Polaris is sponsoring a Ride Across America Breast Cancer fundraiser
Nov 30 - Filled out 1,000 WSSA Legal Action Fund Tickets

Jan 25 - Chris made a motion to offer a free lifetime membership to any member who remains active in our sport past the age of 75 - it passed unanimously.
Feb 22 - Motion made to have the club sponsor any female riders who wanted to take part at $2.00/mile, up to $1,000, on the Snowmobile Charity Ride on Jan. 28, 2006. The club will sell brats and pop after the parade for the '49ers Chili Feed for a fundraiser, and also serve chili made by town restaurants. The club won the Triton Trailer from the WSSA raffle and sold it to Fred Olsen for $1,550. 145 members