February 23, 2013

Poker Run Results

The annual poker/bucket run was held on Sunday, February 17th. The fun started in the Goat Creek Sno-park where registration took place. Approximately 200 buttons were sold to support the Methow Valley Snowmobile Association activities.

Registration for the Poker Run
Prize Table
Riders then headed out to collect their hands at the four stations set up along the trail. Before reaching Station 1,  the lookout beckoned and a stop was made.

View towards Winthrop
View westward towards Hwy 20
Paul V. & Jerry H. @ Station 1
Paul T., Steve S. & Bob A. @ Station 2
George B. drawing @ Station 2
Looking Back up the Beaver Slide after Station 2
Whiteface between Stations 2 and 3
Ed S., Chuck U., & George B. @ Station 3
Bill & Estelle I. @ Station 4
After drawing cards at the four stations on the trail, it was back to the sno-park. Instead of drawing a card to complete the poker hand, accuracy with a dart throw came into play. One chance to hit a card that would propel the rider on to having the winning hand.

Darts @ Station 5

Then it was time to chow down on grilled hot dogs or Betty's famous chili, or both!

Betty V. with her homemade chili
Once everyone was back in the sno-park, the winning hands were announced and prizes were given out.

Top Three Hands
1st Place / $240 - Rob P. with 4 Kings
2nd Place / $144 - Lynn M. with a Flush
3rd Place / $96 - Dale S. with a Straight

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!
Door prizes donated by local merchants were then handed out by Gail S.

Karson drawing numbers for door prizes
Georgia & Udell S.
Many thanks to the local merchants who made this year's Poker Run a success.

Aero Methow, Twisp
Antler's Saloon & Cafe, Twisp
Blue Star Coffee Roasters, Twisp 
Cascade King's, Twisp
Courtyard Quail, Winthrop
Do-It-Center, Twisp
Duck Brand Hotel & Cantina, Winthrop
Glass Works of Winthrop, Winthrop
Hamilton Farm & Equipment, Okanogan
Hank's Harvest Foods, Twisp
Jerry Holm, Winthrop
Hometown Pizza, Twisp
Karen's Salon, Winthrop
Methow River Lodge, Winthrop
Michael's Espresso, Twisp
Mitch's Automotive, Twisp
NAPA Auto Parts, Twisp
NOCA Coffee House, Winthrop
Omak Marine, Omak
Poppie Jo Galleria, Winthrop
Quality Lube, Twisp
Rascal's, Winthrop
Red Apple Market, Winthrop
River's Edge Resort, Winthrop
Rocking Horse Bakery, Winthrop
Sears Roebuck & Company, Omak
Tenderfoot, Winthrop
Three Fingered Jacks, Winthrop
Twisp River Pub, Twisp
Ulrich's Valley Pharmacy, Twisp
Winthrop Motors, Winthrop
Xtreme Powersports, Okanogan

And of course, THANKS to the club members who volunteered!

If you have pictures from the Poker Run you would like to share, please email methowvalleysnowmobile at gmail (.) com. They will be added to our gallery page.

February 10, 2013

January Poll Results

The question for January was about your preference for riding - on trail or off. Five votes were cast with three people preferring to stay on trail and two riding off trail. The newest poll is up - cast your vote now!

Cub Creek Outing

On January 13th, Bob A. (President of MVSA), Dolly S. (Vice President) and chaperone Rich S. took a ride up to Cub Creek. Bob said he had to have a club meeting. Haha! Everyone knows it was just to go riding and with snow like this, no wonder!


Pictures courtesy of Dolly.

February 6, 2013

Survey Says...

On January 30th, a team of riders including Ed S., Jerry H., Bill F., Chuck U., Paul T., and Brian T. set out from the North Summit Sno-Park up on Loup Loup to conduct the monthly snow survey on Starvation Mountain. They were joined along the way by Rich & Dolly S. who rode over from Lester Road in Winthrop. Our club partners with the US Department of Agriculture to gather this important information.

Why is doing a snow survey important? Here in the west, our primary source of water is, you guessed it, snow! Knowing how much is on the ground at higher elevations helps to estimate how much water will be available during the summer months from snow melt and runoff. Agriculture, industry and recreation use these forecasts in their plans.

The Columbia River is a good example of a snowmelt-fed river system. Timely management of water resources are critical to the farmers that rely on irrigation water for their crops and to the many species of fish that spawn in its tributaries. Preparations to reduce flooding can also be made if the runoff is predicted to be high.

Doing a snow survey isn't just sticking a probe into the snow and seeing how deep it is. It requires trained individuals with specialized equipment. A great resource for learning more about snow surveys can be found here.

The team that went to Starvation Mountain estimated the snow depth was an average of 48 inches with a water content of 30 to 35%. What will next month bring? Stay tuned...

Photo Credits: Dolly S.

February 5, 2013

Charity Ride to Conconully - February 3rd

Thirty-five riders from the Butte Busters, Tri-River and Methow Valley snowmobile clubs met up at the North Summit Sno-park on Saturday, February 3rd. It was a warm sunny day - perfect for the annual fundraising trip to Conconully for lunch. $500 was collected at the North Summit and will go towards helping those with cancer in our communities.

Thanks to all of the organizers and participants who made this year's ride a success! And thanks to Peggy from the Butte Busters for sharing some of her photos, too!

Betty & Peggy - Two of the Organizers

February 4, 2013

Club Ride - January 27 to Black Pine Hut

By the looks of things, it was a great turnout for the ride to Black Pine Hut out of Goat Creek. Thanks, Dolly, for sending in photos!