January 10, 2013

January 5th Ride to Beaver Meadows

Ride Report From Rich S. -

The ride in the morning to Beaver Meadows was really bad with ice fog on everyone's goggles so they could not see. The weenie wagon had only one more tight turn and hill then it would have been down hill into Beaver Meadows. But it turned back the same as last year and built the fire in the same nice spot. Most riders continued into Beaver Meadows build the trail as they went. The meadows were untouched and we proceeded to tear it up. I think we only lost one person in the creek this year. The weather improved and turned to a nice gentle snow. Most of the riders ate and headed back to the parking lot. About 7 riders did continue to play in the area and arrived at the parking lot around 3:30.
(Thanks for the report, Rich!)

Next ride is Sunday, January 13th out of the Goat Creek Sno-park to Whiteface where lunch will be served around noon. Hopefully the weather will be better for the start of the ride.