December 16, 2013

Poll Results - What Was Your Worst "Stuck"?

The results are in and a majority of poll respondents like to ride off-trail. Say what!? That wasn't the question. Ahh, but if it is taking you a couple of hours to dig out from your worst "stuck" then you aren't on a groomed trail. Three people apparently stay on our nicely-manicured trails with one rider having a minor whoopsie and getting slightly off track; and two that are perfect riders having never gone off trail (or maybe never been on a snowmobile--hmmmm). Good news is that nobody lost their sled.

Here are the final results:
a) Dug it out in less than 10 minutes
  1 (7%)
b) Took a couple of hours to get out
  10 (76%)
c) Recovered when snow melted
  0 (0%)
d) Who me? Stuck? Never!
  2 (15%)

Thanks to all who took the time to vote in the poll. New poll will be up shortly for your voting pleasure.