March 2, 2015

On Feb. 19, 2015 a group of us went to the 20 mile lookout for the first time. By Dolly

We are off to 20 mile lookout! Never been there before!

Mom and Daughter fun day!

Ted L Bill F  Bob W.  

Tah Dah! Ted L

Great caring leader!

Bob A pointing back to the top

In real life this is one steep hill climb to get to the tower! I can't wait!

Waiting to climb

When we got there I could not believe it I did not have a clue!

This Copala  is in the best shape!

Everyone was excited.

Bob A

Inside it was amazing. The cupboards.

Jenn and the old door.

the 20 mile lookout

Dan helped lead the way!

A good little valley to go through before you get to the top.

Jennie S Bob A Dave D

Whats up there Ted

Family photo sent to Craig (working)

I'm here!

Bob W and Rich hanging loose!

On the way out! Bill F