January 25, 2016

Club Ride to Sweetgrass - 1/23/16

Getting the logs for the fire.

Carla L.  Rich S  Jerry H Bill F ready to tow to fire.

The fire has been built!

George! George ! George of the..................MVSA Club!

Oh Sally's waiting for a dog
Jennie S  David B
Hot Dogs are amazing!

Gail S  and Steve catching up on the news!

Go Seahawks! Julie J Dolly S

Ted L and his new ride.

Bob W. coming on in to the fire.

Gail S and Ed S

This Chuck and the Chuck Wagon! Thanks for all the dogs Chuck!

Steve S. and  Bob A

Don F and Craig S where shall we go now?

Steve C and Bill F Steve S.

Jerry & and  Carla

Pull, Richard, Pull! thanks for a nice butt shot of Dolly and Carla     LOL

So that's where the previous warming fire was. Sorry, Jerry.

Getting the fires going

Our own boy scout, Jerry, with Dolly supervising

Craig arriving for lunch

Chuck putting lunch on the grill

Hanging with friends around the warming fire

Julie enjoying her lunch

Chuck's sled

A snowy day on the mountain

Another scene from the fire

Tall tales being told

Pausing between the trees

Another view of the North Cascades

Wake up, Sam! You can't be tired from riding yet.