February 14, 2016

2016 Methow Valley Snowmobile Club Bucket Run

Station #4                   Dan S  Bill F  Joe H.
Yes it came to the end at station five with Sally and her darts. Your dart would determine your win!

Gail S setting up the kitchen area.

Chris H. and Sally S checking in our riders

All excited to get going!

Betty V makes the best Chili in the Valley!

Dave D directing and what a great job he did!

George B.  got the fire going.

Yes Craig S. came Vintage this year!

Goat wall on the way up David B ,Jennie S ,Craig S.  and Chelsea M.

Station #1 with our new system by Bob W.
Craig S. , Jerry H, Paul V.  and Chelsea M.

Our new card holders!

Station #1 love their sign!
Jerry H. and Paul V.

Station #2 Bob A and Ted L. with our new blue card holders. I think everyone likes them!

Taking the nephew and niece on the ride Jessica B and Dave D

Station #3 Steve S.  Ed S. and Jennie S David B.

Bob D and all his buttons from the other years!

Our new Logo with the Davies Family!

Enjoying the fire before the prizes.

George B., stepped in and cooked the hot dogs Where is Craig? LOL

TThe final loading the barbecue in the trailer till the next time.