February 9, 2015

Club ride on Sunday February 8, 2015

The Sun was peeking out at the parking lot Yay!

Yay we hit the sunshine.

Bill M. look at that view! 

Jessica B so happy she was not in that fog down there!

Steve S. Bob D. looking out

Nice Pic Bob W. Xmas card material!

Rich S. listening?

Julie J. Jessica B. Betty W

Hey Jessica B  and David D 

Looking West

Sam L. enjoying the view


View on the way up. 

Craig S. out to Winthrop

Betty W. Craig S Julie J

Bob A. and a beautiful back ground

Bob A Bob W and Rich S

Pretty Smile on a beautiful sunny day!

Bob A. thinks his hat isn't as cool as Paul T's

Craig S.

Jessica  B leading the way

There is snow!

Bob A. down the trail

Dave D  What!  His skis are on the ground! 

Dave D  I'm going to do that one day. LOL

That's Craig S. WOW

SAM! Where's your Dad?

Steve S and Sam L

What a fun group!

Hey Jessica B

Rich S. Sam L Bob W

Steve S had a great day.

Craig S. You don't see this often. Resting? Must be a good day.