February 7, 2015

We do have snow! by Dolly

Hey everyone! We have lots of snow! Reported 3 feet of new snow up Harts Pass yesterday. Snowmobilers stayed with us and it was a lot of snow. WOW! I will be out tomorrow and I will post some pictures on what it is like! Come on over! Our Club ride the Methow Valley Snowmobile Assoc. is still going on tomorrow but we do not have our chuck wagon with us and it is not because of LACK of snow. The ride is in an area which will be hard to get the chuck wagon in because of a berm that was put across the road. So we are all packing lunches. I am excited! Our weather report today for Winthrop was 100% chance of rain all day. WHERE WAS IT? DIDN'T SEE IT! HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW!
Pictures below taken on Wacky Wednesday February 4, 2015
Rich S. Dan H  Don F Jerry  H Dolly on the camera

Jerry H