February 6, 2015

Sweet Grass N. December 21, 2015 pictures by Dolly Stahl

Craig S watching Chef Chuck U cooking the dogs.
Casey S. home for the Holidays
Hey Chris
Bob D and

Steve S cruising down from the towers.

Bob enjoying his hot Dog

Bob W Too much fun!

Craig S. Ted L

Craig S's new ride!

Big snow ball

Gail and Jenn hanging around the fire

Gail S.

Ted's has a Happy smile 

Jenn S. Bill F. ignoring each other. (no)

Here comes Casey S.

Jerry H. is  always helping

Jerry H  Steve C

Mary L getting ready to leave

Ed S. Rich S


Paul T and his wiener,  I mean Hot Dog  LOL

Here's Sherry

Steve C. and Bill F.