February 3, 2015

December 27 2014 Parachute Meadows Pictures by Dolly Stahl

Joe, Bill F, Sam L, Ted L. Rich S Bob W Craig S Jennie S

Bill F   Jennie S

Bob W taking a breather

Campfire at Parachute Meadows

Bye Paul V

Bob W and Don Fitz coming down into Tiffany Lake

Coming into Tiffany Lake

Craig S. Bill F. ready for a dog.

We were a little late for the dogs but Chuck waited for us. Thanks Chuck U

Don and his neighbors Chris and Brett

There Joe H

Jerry H. Don Fitz.

It's the Paul T and Paul V show

Rich S,. Bob W.

 Bob D Paul V Paul T Steve S  Sam L  Ted L Chuck U

Chuck and The Chuck Wagon            THANKS CHUCK

Waiting for Tiffany Lake

Hot Dog Season Yay!